Aluu 4 Remembrance:5th of October,You Broke my Heart.

5th of October 2012,I'll never forget this Date. The day I woke up sad without a reason, not knowing my dear friend Ugonna was being murdered by heartless Aluu  cannibals.

Men without hearts, Wicked to their footprints. Yes! They killed my Dear Ugonna "Tipsy" Obuzor alongside Lloyd,Tekena and Chidiaka without feelings.

Hey Monsters, Your heartless act left Myself and over a million other people heartbroken. Well you have succeeded in taking the lives of our Loved Ones, that I always wish I could reverse *tears*.

Well my Dear Ugonna,Lloyd,Tekena and Chidiaka, I know you didn't plan on leaving that way, but your bodies couldn't take the torture. It was a year ago but it still feels like today. My Dearies, I know you are now Higher Beings, and that's the Only thing that gives me Comfort.

Oh Ugonna, You'll Always Be in My heart.

With so much Pain in my Heart and Tears in my Eyes,I say "REST IN PEACE Ugonna,Lloyd,Tekena,Chidiaka. You'll Forever be in the Hearts of Your Loved Ones.

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